Celery and Twistd

I’ve been working with Celery, Twisted and Cyclone recently on a side project I have going on, however the integration between Celery and Twisted is not ideal for asynchronous programming which prompted me to jot down some notes for what I’ve worked out.  Hopefully this will be useful to someone, also if anyone wants to offer a better way I’m all ears  . Celery has some built in methods to allow you to check the completeness of a remote job by ...(Read More)

Strategic Reuse

Community managers have a tough job. They deal with lots of different stakeholders trying to find that elusive “middle ground”. They incessantly cheer on community activities and push adoption of collaboration best practices; but when it comes to validating their position through tangible and quantifiable metrics it can sometimes seem daunting. Is the best measure user participation? How about community size? Each of these seem like great things, and they are, but typically organizations don’t ...(Read More)

Communities are NOT Teams

I recently stumbled across a great post called Communities Manifesto by Stan Garfield that I highly recommend.  In his post Mr. Garfield lays out 10 principals that define community and also has suggestions for helping them grow and mature. What communities are not … Two of his principals in particular caught my attention because I’m wrestling with how to explain the basics of community to a company that draws a distinction between where they are now and ...(Read More)

Along For The Ride

The amount of control a community has over process and direction within a project has recently come up in a situation I’ve been involved with and I think it’s a great topic for a post since it strikes at the heart of many company’s trials and tribulations in creating vibrant communities.  The real question in these situations is not one of control but of trust.  Can you just be along for the ride and let ...(Read More)

Why Trust Matters

“If you once forfeit the confidence of your fellow citizens, you can never regain their respect and esteem.” –Abraham Lincoln Abraham Lincoln may have understood trust and community better than anyone in the history of the United States.   He knew that maintaining trust meant having the people’s confidence… and with confidence you can lead.   I can’t imagine having to make the kind of  decisions that he did, but I can imagine how important maintaining the ...(Read More)