5 Steps to Better Collaboration

Ever wonder why some collaboration projects take off and become successful but you can’t get your company’s users to use a simple wiki?  Do your discussion forums in Sharepoint go unused?  You did everything right… didn’t you?  Well, the honest truth is that there is no silver bullet to making something popular, but there are a few strategies you can use to deal with the biggest obstacle you face in collaboration which is User Discomfort.  That’s right, it’s not your processes or your technology, it’s not even your management.  The biggest impediment to getting your collaboration project off the ground and making it popular is User Discomfort.  Here’s why … Change is uncomfortable Learning new technologies can be hard, time consuming, and frustrating Voicing an opinion in a participatory community is hard for many and terrifying for some Benefits of trying something new …. Unknown and I saved the worst ...(Read More)

Relevance + Trust = Attention

I just read a few interesting posts by Tim Bray and Alex Payne about what to read and how to stay up to date (see below).  Much of what they say I agree with.  The simple problem is that there is just too much stuff out there that is interesting or important on some level.  Combine that with an ever expanding workload, a short attention span, and a fading memory and you have a combination that just can’t work long term.  What’s interesting is that I’ve asked several knowledge workers of one sort or another what their biggest problems are and most respond with something like … “too many interruptions” “wasting time on nonproductive tasks like email” “no ability to focus on key tasks” “excessive multitasking” This is clearly a major problem and is probably getting worse given the increasing amount of information that keeps pouring in.  The key to ...(Read More)