Paleo – Day 4

Meals Today wasn’t any easier on the cravings. Protein shake for breakfast, salad with turkey for lunch and chicken with plantains and guacamole for dinner. Lots of homemade trail mix was sprinkled in between. Exercise Morning Tony Horton’s Yoga – Flex again. After doing legs yesterday this was a bit harder since there was some (not too much) soreness. I then did my usual 10 minute ab routine with Tracey. Late Afternoon 2 mile walk ...(Read More)

Paleo – Day 3

Meals Breakfast This morning I’m back to eggs. I scrambled 1 whole egg with 2 egg whites. I then added some La Victoria salsa and a couple of slices of the leftover pork loin from last night. Very filling. I’m still trying to get used to the black coffee, just too bitter without any cream or milk, but I’ll survive. Morning Snack I made some homemade trail mix this morning. I mixed unsweetened coconut flakes, ...(Read More)

Paleo – Day 2

Meals Breakfast This morning I went for a protein smoothly instead of eggs. I like to get at least 20g of protein in the morning so my choices on this diet are seriously limited. It’s basically either eggs, meat or protein shake. This could get old fast. Before starting this diet I had 3 main breakfast items I usually went for… oatmeal with protein powder added, greek yogurt with berries or eggs and toast. Now ...(Read More)

Paleo – Day 1

Meals Breakfast I usually have yogurt or eggs in the morning so just having eggs today is not a big deal. What I do notice right away is that I can’t use butter for frying or grate cheese into my eggs.  I also sometimes put salsa in my scrambled eggs but have to check the label to make sure there is no sugar or other preservatives in the salsa.  We currently have La Victoria Thick ...(Read More)